Yacht Building

Yacht Building

Yacht Building and Gulet Building in Turkey have centuries-old records that some call Goelette, golet, goleta, gullet, goulet, caicco, caique, etc. We Call it Gulet, whatever you name it these is the term used for Turkish gulets or wooden boats to carry cargoes in the shallow waters of eastern Mediterranean and they are world recognized for being stable, seaworthy, and strong boats that are very commonly used for cruising the warm blue waters of the world’s charter.

Yacht destinations from Turkey to Greece and the Greek islands, Croatia and thousand islands, Italian riviera, French riviera, Spanish riviera, Eastern Mediterranean, Red Sea, the Arabian Gulf and up to Thailand these gulets are being sold and chartered successfully. Turkish gulet building is famous for its spacious interiors, large galley and beam to beam master cabins, VIP cabins, guest cabins are preferred for being comfortable and cozy.

Material Types Of When Yacht Building

Turkish gulet building industry is mostly concentrated on high-quality marine-grade African mahogany, Burmese teak, iroko, sapelli, eucalyptus, chestnut, white oak, mulberry for the hull and spruce pine, oak, walnut, ebony, olive, and various roots for interior furniture and for their beautiful varnished bulkheads. the state of the art technology is applied for propulsion systems and power steering systems, marine-grade anti-corrosive cables and fuses, GPS, Global positioning systems and AIS, automated identification systems as well as chart plotters to make navigation as easy as it can be, supplied with bow and stern thrusters and hydraulic systems makes power cruising or sailing like a playground toy with a touch screen.

Yacht Building Technologies

Motoryacht building has been enjoying the utmost attention and became the highlight of recent boat shows recently due to increasing demand worldwide. Space age technological advances in the motor yacht building industry and marine electronics have come so far that zero speed stabilizers converted motoryacht so comfortable and they cruise as if cruising on a lake even during stormy weather.

Navigational equipment and electronic devices such as AIS, GPS, new generation Chartplotters with all-in-one technology, Radars, deep sounders make navigation as simple as a computer game. advanced thrust and propulsion systems, as well as bow and stern thrusters, make their maneuverability so easy that they can be docked and undocked even in the smallest areas without error since joysticks for both engine controls and thrusters can be controlled from the flybridge and from the stern control panels.

Motor Yacht Constructions in Turkey

The new generation motoryacht building with composite materials, grp glass reinforced plastic which is lighter and very resistant to seawater. High Tensile Steel hull yachts topped with marine grade aluminum superstructures with an exclusive welding material that isolates steel from aluminum to avoid anodizing and epoxy bonding materials with Carbon kevlar fibers are commonly used for extra strength and seaworthiness. Turkish new generation yachts building industry has been undertaken numerous contracts as well as subcontracts from the leading motoryacht building companies due to economic and high-quality craftmanship with vast experience in motor yacht building.